Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella (Low Moisture - Vacum Packed) / 8.8 oz


Our low moisture Fresh Water Buffalo Mozzarella is unlike anything on the market.  It boasts a slightly salty, subtly tangy flavor, with a tender texture, delicate aroma and it's perfectly meltable.  We use only Water Buffalo milk, which is prized in cheesemaking for having a higher fat content than cow’s milk. Annabella's Water Buffalo Mozzarella is carefully produced by skilled cheesemakers dedicated to making cheese in the traditional way by spinning, then cutting the cheese curds. It’s then packaged and delivered to your local market within days of its creation.  Finally you can upgrade any mozzarella recipe by using our Low Moisture Buffalo Mozzarella! 

An Entirely Different Animal

Be sure to try our award winning Water Buffalo Mozzarella!


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