Why Water Buffalo?

It’s not just that it tastes better. (And it really does — the rich, silky texture is unparalleled, and the mild, sweet flavor is more delicious than cow’s milk.)

Water Buffalo milk is healthier, too, since it has less cholesterol, more protein, and higher calcium than cow’s milk. It contains the A2 protein instead of the A1 protein found in cow’s milk, which has been linked to numerous potential health and gastrointestinal problems.

100% Grass Fed - 100% Natural - Free Range - Gluten Free - High Quality A2 Protein - High Calcium - Low Cholesterol

Caring for Our Animals

Annabella's production and pasteurization processes are 100% harmless and environmentally friendly. Our highest responsibility is in treating all our animals with love and respect. All of our buffaloes are 100% grass fed and free range, and before every milking session, we give priority to their offspring to have their daily milk first. We take great pride in employing a large portion of the farmers in the region. Annabella's mission is to always focus on its core values: producing the highest quality buffalo milk dairy products, caring for our employees, being environmentally friendly, and caring for the health and well being of all our animals.

Everything Begins with the Best Ingredients

Colombia is home to a vast array of rich and beautiful ecosystems, including some of the most fertile and bountiful fruit producing tropical forests. While Colombia has all of the suits available in Europe and North America,, such as strawberries, bananas, pineapples, it also has access to tropical fruits such as maracuyá, or Passion Fruit. All of our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality purveyors, in order to ensure the freshness and purity of our products. We never use added fillers or colors, and we take pride in the absolute purity of our finished products. Nothing like this has been brought to market!

Dr. Oz and Daphne oz

Talk about the heath benefits of water buffalo dairy on the best food finds of 2018!

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